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Newcomerstown, Ohio 43832 | The Archives - Everything Newcomerstown

A Hometown Archive of Memories
Still Under Construction - Some Pages Are Available



Our goal is to preserve memories and everything Newcomerstown for various educational and genealogical research.

Join us for a nostalgic walk down Memory Lane. Discover some long lost friends and meet some new ones.

Participate in our archive projects by submitting your family stories, clippings and photos to be included in our collections.

NOTE: This web site is evolving and is under ongoing modification and development with daily additions, updates and changes. Please bookmark us and be sure to come back often. You never know what you may find on your next visit.

Be part of history and join us on the journey!
Share your comments and personal memories on each page.

These Pages Are Currently Available During the Website Construction
Additional pages will be added
as they become available.

Atkinson Grocery Store

Baltimore Clothing Store

Crater Building

Cooley Hotel Building

M.W. Danford - Clayworkers

Egler's Bakery

Garner Barbershop

Heller Bros. - A History

Kurz-Kasch - A History

Heller Bros. - 1939

Police Shoe Repair

Red Eagle Bus Line

Zimmer Lumber Company's 60th Anniversary (1952)

Current Directory of Businesses & Organizations

Newcomerstown Produce Company

Newcomerstown's First Newspaper: The Visitor (1871)

Newcomerstown's 125th Anniversary Celebration (1939)

Newcomerstown's Sesquicentennial: 1814 - 1964

Newcomerstown Bicentennial: 1814-2014

P.T. Barnum's Famous Circus Comes to Newcomerstown

Newcomerstown Fire Department - 1938

Newcomerstown Fire Department - 1939

Newcomerstown Fire Department: Firemen's Jubilee - 1954

1st Mayor of Newcomerstown: John Miller (1868)

Newcomerstown's New Post Office Building on Canal Street - 1939

Newcomerstown's New Cy Young Park Opens - 1950

Charles Leiser: His Musical Family and Newcomerstown Bands

Newcomerstown Opera House Was Amusement Center for 75 Years

Motion Picture Theatre To Be Erected in Newcomerstown - 1915

Newcomerstown's Ritz Theatre Opens on Valentine's Day, 1929

The Ritz Theatre - 1930's

The Ritz Theatre - 1940's

The Ritz Theatre - 1950's

The Ritz Theatre - 1960's

The Ritz Theatre - 1970's

In Memoriam: Eleanor June (Wise, Yanai) Addy

In Memoriam: Barnabus "Barney" T. Brady

In Memoriam: Doris Lea (Wise) Fitch

In Memoriam: Cary W. Jurin

In Memoriam: Linda Sue (Wise) Lower

Newcomerstown Elks Club Celebrates 10th Anniversary (1939)

Newcomerstown Jaycees Minstrel (1965)

Cousin of Germany's #2 Nazi, Hermann Wilhelm Goering, Lived & Worked Nearby In An Ohio Quarry

The Strange Case of the Newcomerstown Mail Carrier and the Wife He Murdered (1926)

Woody Hayes: Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust

"Mad Marshall" Jacobs: A Local & National Celebrity

Anita Loos: Has Family Roots in Newcomerstown

Newcomerstown Is "Hard Hit" By The American Civil War

President Abraham Lincoln Awards The Medal of Honor To A Newcomerstown Soldier

Newcomerstown, Ohio and The Great War (1914-1918)

Tragedy Strikes Near Newcomerstown on 9/11 ... but In 1950

John R. Mulvane Biography: A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans (1918)

Joab Mulvane: A Biography (1837)

John R. Mulvane: Two Biographies from 1835

Mulvane Art Museum, Topeka, Kansas

Frank D. Mulvane & the Mulvane Family Mausoleum (1929)

Byron Roberts: A Biography

Nicholas Neighbor and 60 Emigrants Arrive Here in 1814

Neighbor Was A Prominent Name Among Settlers

The Story of Sacrilege at Early's Church

Desecration of Bible at Early Church

Cy Young Was Offered $20,000 Bride To Throw Game

Manuel Yingling and the John Phillip Sousa Band

Vane Scott: Wrapped Up In Old Glory

The Mayors of Newcomerstown, Ohio

Dr. W.R. Agricola Celebrates 100th Birthday



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We encourage you to share your own comments & memories
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We also invite you to participate in our archive project by submitting your family stories, clippings and photos
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